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COVID-19 (Corona Virus)
Updated May 2021

COVID 19 New Working Hours/ Rota


But, who’s in when? And how do I get an appointment or purchase products.. ? Answers below..

To accommodate the new social distancing and reduced working hours our schedule is now as follows:

  • Reception is OPEN every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2pm – 6pm. You can pop by, or pick up pre-arranged purchase orders. Enquire about courses, treatments or products. Or just swing by and give us a smile.

Our Therapists ROTA:

  • Lagos Foot Clinic / Podiatrist Owain Harris is in on a Monday and Friday.

Please call him on 911 967 586 to make an appointment.

  • Naomi, with her NeuroKinetic Therapy, ALL Beauty Treatments, Reiki and Body Work Therapies, is in on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She is also ‘The Boss’, so if you want to discuss anything these are the days to get in touch or expect a response! Naomi is here from 10am -  7pm+ and you can call or TEXT her on our main number 913 211 797

  • Milena, Acupuncture and Cupping, is in on a Thursday afternoon or Saturday morning. Please book directly on 915 229 740.

  • ​Beverley, offering Guinot facials, is in on a Monday and Friday. Please book driectly on 910 323 333.

  • Student Treatments at reduced prices from our learners are available on a Wednesday morning.

  • Beauty or Massage with our independent therapists (Viorica or Vanessa) are available Thursday morning, Saturday afternoon or Sunday.

ALL appointments must be booked in advance.

A Plan of Action for Reopening the Treatment Centre after COVID-19

Harm minimization.

As we reopen our beauty and holistic health business, there is a clear need to implement the highest levels of heath and safety and to make considerations on treating clients, while protecting them, and protecting ourselves - and therefore our families (and our staff).

This is the first phase of reopening of businesses after forced closure from governments as a response to COVID-19, and how successful the reopening of our businesses is, in relation to cross infection, will depend on the hygiene, respect and cooperation from all therapists and clients, to open with caution and sensibility.

As the first division of businesses allowed to reopen, the results of our opening and the ways we respond to opening will demonstrate whether cases of the virus will start to increase again, or whether cases will stay stable and therefore whether the government can start allowing the opening of more businesses.

If cases increase we will likely be forced to close again!

Therefore the cooperation of all therapists and our clients is of upmost necessity, and lack of cooperation will result firstly in refusal of treatment of those clients not willing to adhere to our opening regulations, or refusal of therapists to use the centre for treatments.  Ultimately this could lead to the permanent closure of this business, in the way it is currently run.

Initial re-starting of the business:

  • Only one client is allowed in the centre with a therapist at a time.

Unless treating a minor, where the parent is legally obliged to be present, and then one parent or legal guardian may be present in the treatment room with the minor.

OR An exception may also be made if the client is disabled and unable to attend alone, that their carer may attend to help and supervise.

  • All clients, parents and carers need to abide by our regulations of reopening, or entry to the centre will be refused.

Every working morning therapists will be asked to call their clients of that day to check if their clients, or anyone they are living with, or their loved ones, have had any COVID symptoms. Symptoms include:

  • Fever – feel hot to touch on back or chest

  • A New Continuous cough – coughing for a lot more than 1 hour, or 3 or more episodes of coughing in 24 hours (if you usually cough, it maybe worse than usual) (From

Client Entry:

  • While we are allowed 1 client at a time in the centre clients will be asked to wait in their cars in the car park

  • Clients then text the therapist on the number they get called on in the morning to let the therapist know when they are there.

  • The therapist will go and stand near the car park if they don’t hear from the client, in-case there are any unsuspected phone issues.

  • Otherwise wait in your car until the therapist texts you to come in.

  • The therapist will then have the door open to let the client in, and will spray the clients hands with surgical spirit and water mix on entry to the premises.

  • If wearing washable gloves spray the gloves.

  • If waiting outside the centre, please remember to respect the 2 meters distance and don’t be shy to politely remind another person of the 2 meter distancing.

  • Please allow older clients, or clients in any type of pain or disability, to use the bench as a priority.

Product Sales for Therapists and Clients:

  • Products can be ordered for pick up via email, copy in , or via text +351 913 211 797.

  • We will arrange a time and date to pick up the products either when the customer is in for a treatment.

  • Write the products purchased one an Order form (in reception next to the phone) ensure to include the:

    • product code, description and price.

    • The total and that it has been paid

    • The clients information especially if they would like a Factura

Masks & Gloves:

  • Clients will be asked to attend appointments wearing masks and gloves.

  • Clients should bring their own clean/fresh masks and gloves. (If they arrive and have forgotten masks and gloves, we will provide them but we do not have supplies for all clients.)

  • Masks, ideally, should be cloth and washable.

  • If a client or therapist forgets, or runs out of, gloves or masks, we will have a small stock available. A small charge of 10 Cents will be charged for a pair of gloves and 5 Cents for a mask. But clients should bring their own.

    • It saves waste, money, and the pollutant effects of manufacture, if people make their own home made washable masks, and bring washable gloves, and take serious responsibility to clean them with soap and clean water daily, and hang out to dry in warmth/heat. Replace with fresh gloves and masks, throughout the day, where appropriate.

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