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Renew Rose Radiance:                         60mins .......... 60€

A luxurious, relaxing treatment using organically grown rose preparations to soften and soothe the skin with stress relieving massage to release tension in the scalp, neck, shoulders and face.

Renew Rose Anti-Age Facial:                75mins .......... 65€

Uses the age-old properties of rose and frankincense to smooth and revitalize skin texture, encouraging skin renewal. Includes hydrating and rejuvenating gel and mud masks interspersed with a relaxing facial massage.

Balance Steam Facial:                           75mins .......... 70€

Designed for problem skin. This pore refining facial works deep using steam, with or without ozone, along with a drawing natural clay mask and lavender and tea tree oils, for a highly effective balancing and antiseptic effect.

Extra Relaxing Facial:                             90mins .......... 80€

A enjoyable treat starting with a 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a stress relieving and deep cleansing facial treatment.

Express Facial:                                          30mins .......... 45€

This taster facial will leave your skin cleansed, polished and nourished.

Stress Relieving Eye Treatment:          30mins .......... 45€

Drain away puffiness and dark circles, reduce the appearance of fine lines, soothe and hydrate with specialist products and lymphatic and pressure point massage.

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