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Guinot - Anti-Aging Facials

Beverley Ford has over 20 years of experience in the beauty field and brings a range of exclusive Guinot Anti-Aging Facials to the Algarve Treatment Centre in Lagos.

Guinot has taken advantage of the latest scientific discoveries to develop patented treatment methods that can be tailored to every skin type and visibly rejuvenate the skin, offering a real alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Hydradermie Anti-Aging Treatment - Rejuvenating & Cleansing - 75 mins - 70€
Hydradermie Lift Treatment - Firming & Stimulating Treatment - 60 mins - 60€ - or 10 sessions for 540€ 
Anti-Aging & Lift Combination - Lifting & Rejuvenating - 90 mins - 80€

Please call or message Bev directly for more information or to book your appointment:

Mobile: 910 323 333



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