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the Algarve Treatment Centre offer a wide range of products to the general public and to qualified beauty therapists including:

- Aromatherapy & Essential Oils -  are highly concentrated oils of the plant from which they were extracted and can be hamful if used incorrectly.  Please read the Essential Oil Safety Information below which provides advice on essential ooils and what they can do; they have many benefits, but should be enjoyed safely and with caution.  If in doubt consult a medical practitioner or a qualified aromatherapist.

- The JESSICA range along with its natural nail care systems and range of up to date dazzling colours also encompasses the ZenSpa Pedicure – an aromatherapy based pedicure to nourish your feet and your soul, GELeration – a gel polish with a huge range of colours many of which match the custom nail colours and FLASH FUSION 2.5.2 – Goes on in a flash, the technology is fusion, a brand new product that combines the best of gel and polish, which requires no LED or UV light to cure and takes just two steps to apply, your clients can be out the door and in their closed toed shoes in 5 minutes, no wrinkling, no smudging. 2 steps to apply, 5 minutes to dry and completely removes in 2 minutes.

ilash designer is the premium brand of professional eyelash extensions distributed worldwide by ABX Beauty Group, one of the UK's largest specialised beauty products distribution and training companies. Since 2005 we have successfully trained hundreds of therapists in the skills and techniques of professional lash extensions. We were one of the pioneers in introducing eyelash extensions into the UK and we now export our products all over the world. Our range of eyelash extension products is one of the largest available anywhere and we are continuously developing not only new lash products but also new application techniques. You deserve to be the very best you can be in all that you with ilash designer is one of the best decisions you will ever take.

Organic Products - Going back to Nature with Plant Extracts and Minerals. Including Face Oils, Domestic House Products and Homemade skin products. See Herbal Clinic page for more information.

Beauty Products - equipment and products for: waxing; lash and brow enhancement; Nail, hand and foot care; Implements and Accessories and Facial, Massage and Body Skincare products. 

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