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23 years of Treating, Teaching and Non Stop Learning.

Naomi left her job at a prestigious spa, and opened her first salon in Essex, UK, in December 2002.

Acacia Beauty Rooms (Now Acacia Beauty and Aesthetics) was sold to her partner when she moved to Portugal, and is still going strong.​'


Algarve Beauty School', 'Algarve Mobile Massage and Beauty', and 'Beauty for Professionals' were born in the Algarve in 2010. Introducing a variety of services in massage, holistic therapies and beauty to the Algarve.

This included the teaching of Internationally Recognised qualifications in Massage and Beauty, in conjunction with an award winning beauty school in the UK.  

Along with product supplies for learners, spas and therapists. ​


After a number of years of creating therapists, treating clients, and supporting spas & salons across the Algarve with products; and learners with preparation for work experiences - including creating a 1st steps salon, massage tents, and a mobile massage and beauty service, Naomi introduced other therapists and teachers to the services offered, creating the name Algarve Treatment Center and offering a large variety of holistic treatments and learning possibilities.


​In May 2022 Naomi closed the larger Lagos site and reopened on her own, in a single room, to focus on her own clients in her specialised area of Neurokinetic Therapy. Assessing and treating pain and movement issues. Combining over 20 years of body works experience, skills and knowledge to create a Neurokinetic Therapy based treatment combined with her own skills sets.

The change meant she could work less and focus on her main therapies. And, essentially, have more time to support and be there for her children. Working out how to create the dream of a work-life balance. ​


Naomi has never stopped learning herself.  Throughout her career she has continually studied, and has a huge number of qualifications and certificates of achievement in a variety of beauty treatments, non surgical treatments, body work therapies of many different kinds, teaching in the life long learning sector, and trainer training courses.


​Of all her therapies her biggest love was always massage, which she has chosen to continue teaching at the new smaller site, on a smaller scale. And her speciality, and other passion, is her own blend of Neurokinetic Therapy with massage. Taking advantage of and putting to use the palpation skills only a therapist of 23 years could posses. ​


She has studied and taught Anatomy, Physiology and Pathologies to a high level. And studied Kinesiology with Neurokinetic Therapy.  


Naomi is still always interested in and embarking on new learning. "The more I learn, the more I realise there is to learn". ​


"The Human Body is so amazing, and can heal and do some much on it's own when helped back into balance.

Assessing, understanding and correcting kinetic patterns through connections in the Nervous System, is the most effective treatment I have discovered for reducing pain, realigning the body and preventing and healing from injuries as well as improving athletic performance.


​I love working with people who are in touch with their bodies - watching peoples faces change as they feel the changes in their bodies happening. I love helping people with long term issues become strong and in balance." 

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